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TUC Whale in Development

While TUC is focused on function and utility we think there is always room for a little fun as well.  We are working on a new product that will not only hold your desktop items it but will also make you smile.

We are pretty fired up on this little guy and where he comes from.  The whale (no name yet…) is handmade in Michigan using reclaimed wood from old factories and barns.  We are still working out the details but the hope is we can  identify where the wood comes from for each one.  The whales will be hand numbered, signed and the wood source location noted.  We are still making a few small changes but the whale close to done.  These are not available yet but if you are interested please email we will let you know when the first batch is ready.


Road Trip

This week we took a road trip up north to the California/Oregon boarder to see where the raw materials come from for a new collection of furniture we are developing for TUC.  Here is a shot from the road driving past Mt Shasta, yes it is cold out.

We were visiting with our friends at Columbia Forest Products at their Klamath Falls plant.  We got to walk through the entire facility and witness first hand how logs become plywood.  It was incredible to see the transformation and better understand the care and skill it takes to make a humble piece of plywood.

More images to come…


Wicker Making

This is really cool. The Making of the PK20™, PK22™ and PK24™ designed by Poul Kjærholm.

Thanks BLTD

A nice post from Better Living Through Design. Thanks for the support!

New TUC product in development

While at the factory last week we had a chance to see the second round of prototypes for the new collection we are launching next month at Greenbuild in Chicago.  During our visit we made some changes to the legs and a resolved the handle detail.  Progress made. We still have lots of work to do but we are getting closer….

Mix Making

We were at the factory this week to see the first round of Mix Boxes in production.  Got some good video, which we will have up soon.  It was wonderful to capture the process and see the effort it takes to make this product.