Greenbuild Launch!

We are headed to GreenBuild in Chicago today for the soft launch a new furniture collection we have been working on for the better part of 2010.  We are taking the farmers market approach with this collection by using only the best home grown materials  No oceans, container ships, particle board or added formaldehyde… This collection is proudly made in Arizona using PureBond™ veneer core hardwood plywood responsibly made in Oregon by Columbia Forest Products.  We are especially excited about the project and collection because we have been able to link together all aspects of the making right here in the US.  Last month we visited the plant where the plywood for the collection is made.  It was great to meet the people that produce the plywood and see exactly how it is made.  From the logs in the river, to the loading trucks with finished goods.  We saw it all and it was cool!

It was great to see the care and craft that is required to transform logs into a beautiful piece of plywood which our factory in Arizona will use in the production of the collection.


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