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Local + Handmade Gifts from TUC

Our assortment is not grand, but it is all made by hand.

You will find the Wood Whale for sale,

and Everyday Trays to suit.

So, “shop” on by and check out the loot!

*Pencils and iPhone not included


Find us in Heath Ceramics stores

We are thrilled to announce that our Wood Whales are now available at Heath Ceramics. Heath is our newest TUC retailer.  We LOVE Heath and are proud to have them carry our products and make them available in Northern and Southern California.  If you are in the area and looking for the Wood Whale or Mix Boxes stop on by!

Welcome Canoe!

We would like to welcome Canoe our newest TUC retailer.  We are proud to have them carry our products and make them available in the Portland.  If you are in the area and looking for the Everyday Trays or Mix Boxes stop on by!

The Journey Continues

Once the veneers are peeled from the log the next phase of work begins.  The veneer sheet in the picture below is on its way to be be sorted according to quality level.

Below you can see sections of the veneer that are cut out of the larger sheet.  These pieces can not be used due to the imperfections in the veneer.  These pieces will not become dressers…

Out the Log Peeler!

Wondering what it looks like after those logs were peeled in the last post?  Check this!

That is the log unrolled into a thin layer of veneer shooting out the peeler.

Cross Dressers Get Their Start

Watching logs turn into dressers is cool!  With our latest product we were fortunate to watch the entire “making” process from forest to showroom.  The Cross Dressers are made using Columbia Forest Products formaldehyde free PureBond™.  This material gets it’s start at one of Columbia’s facilities located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Our friends at Columbia let us into the factory so we could document the beginnings of the Cross Dresser collection. Over the next week we will share a few pictures that will show where the raw material for our collection begins.

Logs are stacked and ready for for a dip in the river.

These logs are just about to be placed in the river for a good soak.

One by one each log is plucked from river and placed on a lift that moves the logs into position for cutting.  This begins their transformation into veneers that will be used to make plywood panels.

After each log is cut to size they are ready for peeling.  This video shows the logs being peeled.  We love this part!

Soon to be a Wood Whale

Check out the latest batch of wood our Wood Whale maker found.  These are yellow pine beams from a dismantled factory building in Grand Rapids.  Nice work Marc!