Why The Utility Collective

Designer Eric Pfeiffer and Steve Piccus established The Utility Collective with a simple idea: Let’s bring intelligent, well-made products to market while sharing how they are made. And let’s do it in the U.S. with quality materials at fair prices.

As designers, we’ve always treasured the everyday items we use most often — a chair, a table, a pencil cup — we love to know about their making, and where they come from? After all, we have relationships with these products and they live with us in our homes. We should know their back-story.

The Utility Collective offers a window into the making of each one of our products. We’ll photograph, video document, blog, and share as much of the process we can from seed to showroom. Call us design nerds, but we believe this direct knowledge creates a better understanding of the product and a deeper appreciation for it. Not to mention we think it cool to share with you the people and places behind the products. By working directly with U.S. craftsmen and factories, it also allows us to offer you a higher quality product at a better price.

Much like devotees of local farmer’s markets who want to know where their carrots and broccoli are grown, we think it’s time the public knows the story of a few of the non edible objects in their daily lives.

It’s time to design, make, and sell local.


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